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Ways to Improve Customer Service Performance

ways to improve customer service performance

Ways to Improve Customer Service Performance

Customer service is one of the hottest jobs right now. Just because there are many companies recruiting for this kind of work, it does not mean that you can approach this job lightly. Customer service means that the call center agent is the first line of communication the customer has with the company— an enormous responsibility.

An agent’s approach towards the customer can make or break a deal or a sale and even affect customer loyalty. Here are some concrete ways to improve your customer service performance.

Be Proactive


If you encounter an irate customer, apologize but don’t linger in this phase of the conversation. Move on to talking about how you can help solve your customer’s problem. Be more action-driven instead of passively offering repeated apologies. The customer will realize that you are focusing on solutions and appreciate that you are moving in this direction.

Be Direct to the Point


A customer who contacts a company because of a problem with a service or a product will understandably be upset but don’t be immediately intimidated by this. Approach your customer with understanding but keep the conversation on track. Remember not to take any complaints or insults personally. When you accomplish this you can concentrate on finding ways to resolve your customer’s problems.

Watch how you speak


Keep your voice soft even if the customer is angry. Don’t interrupt or raise your voice because this will only irritate the customer. By focusing on the solution and not being affected by your customer’s violent emotions, you can reel in your customer’s anger and start resolving the problem.

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Dominik Banzon
Dominik Banzon

Dominik Banzon creates weekly blogs and social media posts for various clients that helps businesses launch into the digital world. She is knowledgeable in digital marketing and SEO content practices. Currently she is Innov8tive Design and Development’s in-house content writer.

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