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The Golden Rules for a Better Customer Experience

The Golden Rules for a Better Customer Experience

Customers are essential for every business out there. They are the bread and butter of a company. That is why customer service is a priority among business enterprises. Companies are always on the lookout for the latest tips and advice for a better customer experience. That is why we searched and listed the top golden rules to further improve customer experience.

A way to contact customers


Customer service is the only communication path for customers to connect with your business. And we all know how vital a customer is. Without a customer, your business will suffer. Having customer service will enable you to care and nourish your business’ customer relations.

Do unto your customers as you want to be treated when you’re a customer.


As Alex Knapp, the Social Media Editor of Forbes, said: “do unto your customers as you want to be treated when you’re a customer.” This is the number one golden rule for everyone working in customer service. Put yourself in their shoes. As a customer, what do you want from a business? Think about it. Then incorporate what you want as a customer in your work to provide a better customer experience.

Every interaction matters


I’m going to repeat it again. Every. Interaction. Matters. It doesn’t matter if you have a track record of 1 complaint in 100 customers that you serve. Sure it’s impressive, but each and every one of your customer interactions is extremely important. It’s so easy for everything to go viral nowadays. Customers post their complaints on social media now. One bad call can make your company earn a bad reputation. That’s why it’s vital that you handle each call with finesse and delicacy.

Quality over quantity


Speed isn’t the only basis for a better customer experience. Sure, it still important. However, there’s still nothing beating what we call “people factors.” Basically, the way you communicate with customers is people-centric. You can be courteous and empathetic. Focus more on them. Your willingness to help will more likely engage your customers. Ergo, they experience a great service from you.

The easier, the better


According to Harvard Business Review, the number 1 most important factor in a customer’s loyalty is reducing customer effort. In short, make things easy for them. Give an excellent customer experience by making their life easier. No one wants to be faced with difficulty.

Be wherever your customers are


You can deliver excellent customer experience by being where your customers are. Do they inquire using social media? Via email? Through calls? You have to be flexible. If your customers are active on Twitter, reply to them via Twitter. If they’re enthusiastic email users, use email support. If they tend to call, have phone support to give a better customer experience.

You have to be properly equipped to provide great customer experience. Doing so would help improve and retain customer engagement and loyalty.

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Remalyn Estuesta
Remalyn Estuesta

Remalyn Estuesta writes content for blogs and social media of Innov8tive Design and Development's clients. When she's not working, she's either reading YA novels, writing short proses, or playing video games.

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