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Fast Ways to Upgrade Customer Experience

Fast Ways to Upgrade Customer Experience

Despite the shift of call centers into a more customer experience-centered sector, the Philippines remains to be the leading country in the world market when it comes to the contact center industry. One of the significant changes has to be the change in focus to quality customer experience rather than just providing simple solutions. Also with the advancement of digital tools and additional training in terms of agent’s skills, the customer experience is improved.

If you’re searching for ways on how to upgrade your team’s performance and be the crème de la crème of call center agents, here are 5 fast ways on how to upgrade customer experience through call center agents.

1. Set an ideal experience


For your team and company, set realistic goals to achieve. Brainstorm on what you want your clients to experience once they call your company. Do you want to resolve the issue within minutes or do you prefer focusing on the customer satisfaction? Think about it carefully and motivate your team to reach that standard.

2. Know the script


Some will say keep the script and some will say ditch it, but we highly recommend to know and familiarize with the script. You don’t have to memorize word per word, just be aware and know the process like the back of your hand while being accommodating and giving that human interaction experience.

3. Review analytics and interactions


To ensure only the most trusted quality of customer experience is given, record random calls and review your ratings and analytics. Checking the analytics will do no harm and even help you pinpoint which area to improve on the most for more promising results.

4. Integrate multi-channel support


With technology and artificial intelligence quickly advancing, it’s time to teach agent’s new ways to providing customer support. Having training and classes on how to operate chat and text support can be an advantage. This is where digital meets traditional customer service, a big trend in customer experience.

5. Reward hard work


If you see your team leads and agents working hard to achieve improvements on customer experience and they’re doubling the effort needed, then give them a reward. It may be as simple as giving chocolate or some giveaways to encourage them to do better. You know what they say, happy agents are productive agents.

There will be new ways on how to improve customer experience once CCAP, Contact Center Association of the Philippines, has its annual industry conference on how to deliver innovative customer experience. But for now, there are fast and easy ways to upgrade the call center experience.

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Dominik Banzon
Dominik Banzon

Dominik Banzon creates weekly blogs and social media posts for various clients that helps businesses launch into the digital world. She is knowledgeable in digital marketing and SEO content practices. Currently she is Innov8tive Design and Development’s in-house content writer.

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    What an insightful read, this will really help customer experience once its fully integrated in the right system. Appreciate the good write up.

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