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Career_Inbound Sales Representative

Inbound Sales Representative

You have to provide customer service to new and existing customers, and expertly give correct solutions and answers to client queries.

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Career_Outbound Sales Representative

Outbound Sales Representative

You must find out new leads, learn what customers want, create solutions, and ensure a smooth sales process.

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Career_Independent Nursing Representative

Independent Nursing Representative

We’re looking to hire someone who can build healthy partnerships with healthcare providers to understand their needs and provide options for an HER system implementation.

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Career_Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service Specialist

We need someone who is dynamic and friendly with a positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills.

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Career_Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate

Looking for a professional who is responsible for handling various responsibilities and tasks in a marketing department.

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Career_Accounting Specialist

Accounting Specialist

You have to perform complex financial duties requiring the application of financial record keeping practices and clerical coordination.

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